Yamhela Vineyard Image

Appellation: Yamhill-Carlton, part of the larger Willamette Valley AVA.

Planted Vineyard Acres: 105 

Planted Varieties: Pinot Noir from Pommard clones: 113, 115, 667, 777; Riparia Gloire 3309 rootstocks.

Topography: Varied topography from very steep to nearly level with mostly southeast facing vineyard blocks; elevations range from 220’ to 630’ above sea level

Soils: Peavine and Willakenzie Silt Clay Loams series, with some Panther Silt Clay Loam

Deficit Irrigation: Drip systems only use 30 percent of the water that overhead sprinklers require. 

About the Yamhill-Carlton AVA: The benches and hillsides of the Yamhill-Carlton District AVA are home to some of the most sought after Pinot Noir and aromatic white wine vineyards in Oregon. Distinguishing features of the Yamhill-Carlton District include: the cooling effect of ocean breezes through the Van Duzer Corridor, a relatively dry climate due to its location in the rain shadow of the Coastal Range, and the shallow and well-drained Willakenzie series of ocean sediment soils. As with the rest of the sub-AVAs of the Willamette Valley AVA, only grapes grown in vineyards with elevations ranging from 200 feet to 1,000 feet may be use to produce wines that bear the appellation name.