Canoe Ridge Vineyard

Canoe Ridge Vineyard Vineyard Image

Appellation: Horse Heaven Hills

Planted Vineyard Acres: 181 

Planted Varieties:  Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc

Soils: On Canoe Ridge, the sandy loam ranges in depth from eighteen inches to five feet. This mixture allows the vine roots to drill deep for nutrients while providing excellent drainage. Here, vines grow on their own roots and can ensure the grape’s true varietal character, in part thanks to below freezing winters that thwart Phylloxera destruction (common in France and California).

Topography: The vineyard is located at a wide expanse of the Columbia River, which moderates the vineyard temperature in both summer and winter. During winter, the moderating effects of the river keep Canoe Ridge an average of 10 degrees warmer than other parts of the Columbia Valley.

Interesting fact: Canoe Ridge is said to have inherited its name from explorers Lewis & Clark. During their 1805 exploration, someone remarked that the nearby ridge resembled an overturned canoe.