Idaho Region Image

Idaho is a state known for spectacular mountains, rivers and lakes. However, many are unaware that this beautiful area is also a great wine growing region. The unique combination of geography, climate and soils found in Idaho's vineyards can produce grapes with outstanding varietal character. High vineyard elevations, long hours of daylight during grape ripening, cool nights, volcanic ash soils and ungrafted vines all contribute to producing grapes with concentrated flavors and naturally high acidity.

  • Idaho Wine Country is divided into three distinct regions: Southwest, Southeast and North. Each region features their own unique geography and, as a result, winemaking focus.
  • The state’s sole American Viticultural Area, the Snake River Valley, has good company with the great growing regions of the world in terms of latitude, elevation and growing season.
  • Climate conditions are very similar to AVAs in the Columbia Valley in Washington State.
  • Elevations (1,500-3,000-feet) and latitudes (43rd parallel) are comparable to those in the high mountain deserts of the famed Rioja region in Spain.
  • One of the unique features of Idaho wine country is its ability to produce a wide range of varieties of the utmost quality. Grown widely among Idaho’s wineries are Rhone varieties, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Spanish reds.