Oregon Region Image

Precept is proud to produce wines that best showcase the great state of Oregon; now the third largest state for wine production in the U.S. Our Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris wines are sourced from some of Oregon's finest vineyards—including 600 acres of our own Oregon vineyards. With 16 AVAs and more than 300 wineries, the state is on a trajectory of growth, with acclaim in Pinot Noir that’s making the world take notice.

  • Oregon, considered to be a cooler climate wine growing region, boasts a long, gentle growing season.
  • With warm summers, mild winters and a long, often rainy spring, Oregon's climate is particularly well matched to the early ripening Pinot Noir grape.
  • The grapes in Oregon benefit from growing on a variety of hillside slopes and on a range of soils, created by volcanic activity and sedimentary rock.
  • While Pinot Noir may be the most popular grape grown in Oregon, Pinot Gris has now staked claim as the leading white varietal.