Pampelonne is inspired by the most sophisticated yet carefree beach in St. Tropez with the same name, and the unique sparkling rosé that people imbibe there. We wanted to share this rule-breaking rosé with our friends in America. Our goal: create a sparkling wine cocktail with fine French wine that was light, crisp, and not so sweet, so you could have a few without feeling heavy. It had to be portable, so you could drink it wherever you wanted, straight out of the can. We avoided cloying flavors and hearkened back to old-world cocktails while adding a modern twist. After hundreds of batches, driving too many mixologists crazy, and some glorious failures, we created our first beauty- the Rosé Lime. Shortly following we created other stunners that you can discover in our portfolio. We like to think of Pampelonne as the best drink you never knew you wanted.