Colby Red

Colby Groom was diagnosed with a defective aortic valve and underwent two open heart surgeries before the age of 10. During his journey to recovery he began volunteering with the local American Heart Association. Colby was inspired to raise money for heart research so “no kid would have to go through what he went through” and approached his father, notable winemaker Daryl Groom, with a proposal.  The proposal was to make a wine and use the proceeds to support heart health charities. Daryl, after some persuading, embraced the idea as a way to help lift Colby’s spirits and aid his healing. Together with friends, family and neighbors they made two barrels of red wine, raised over $500 and laid the foundation for Colby Red. Colby is now 21 years old and a seasoned  volunteer with the American Heart Association. He is also a national spokesperson for the Children’s Heart Foundation. Colby Red has raised over $1.5 million for the American Heart Association, other heart health research organizations, and individual families with children facing heart disease.
  • Region: California

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