“Wines for Oysters and Mussels” – Chuck Hill looks at Two Precept Wines

In his article “Wines for Oysters and Mussels” that was released online through Wines Northwest, Chuck Hill wrote: “By now, you have decided if you are an oyster lover or if you prefer steamed mussels – maybe you like both!  There are hundreds of great white wines to enjoy with these ‘fruits de mer’ offering flavors from dry, tart and herbal to fresh, fruity and juicy.” Of the various wines accompanying this post two wines, the 2014 Sauvignon Blanc from Willow Crest Wine Estates and the 2014 Chenieres from Waitsburg Cellars, received specific praise.

Sharing both history and taste, when writing about the 2014 Sauvignon Blanc from Willow Crest, grown in Yakima Valley WA, Hill wrote, “Willow Crest was founded by grape grower David Minick in 1995, utilizing select blocks of fruit from his family vineyard north of Prosser, Washington.  Willow Crest initially focused on aromatic white varieties but now includes reds as well.  This oyster-friendly Sauvignon Blanc offers aromas and flavors of sweet hay, citrus, herbs and notes of tropical fruits and melon.”

In turn the 2014 Chenieres from Waistburg Cellars, and also grown in Yakima Valley WA, received an outstanding review with Hill writing that “wine writer Paul Gregutt created his Waitsburg Cellars brand utilizing fruit from some of the oldest vineyard sites in Washington to craft unique and flavorful food wines.  Grapes from Upland and Roza Hills Vineyards were used for this seafood-friendly Chenin Blanc (100%) offering a light pear and vanilla nose, with rich flavors of herbs and spice and crisp acidity.”

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