Wine Enthusiast: Five of Our Favorite Canned Wine Spritzers

Three of the five featured were from Precept Wine:  House Wine Grapefruit, Pampelonne Rose Lime and Ste. Chapelle Raspberry Rose Spritz

Canned wine spritzers are especially suited to modern drinking trends. Portable and often packaged adorably, they combine the meteoric rise of canned craft beverages with the popularity of the spritz, an Italian-accented tradition of topping booze with bubbles.

A team of Wine Enthusiast staffers gathered virtually to sample more than 20 varieties. While none of our panelists are wine tasters by trade, all are highly opinionated beverage professionals.

The primary takeaway? The category is remarkably diverse, with light and zesty spritzers alongside cloyingly sweet options. The alcohol-by-volume (abv) ranges between 3% and 12.5%.

House Wine Grapefruit

“Oh, refreshing,” said one taster as they cracked into House Wine’s grapefruit spritz. It reminded some of melted candy and others of kombucha (both were intended as a compliment). All felt it would be a welcome addition to any spritz-friendly activity like beach days, happy hours and picnics. Each cheery 375-ml can packs a hefty 12.5% abv.

Pampelonne Rosé Lime

This citrus-scented spritz reminded one taster of chasing lime or grapefruit candy with soda water. “It’s sweeter than I expected,” said another, who noted the slightly tinny aftertaste. “I’d like it over ice.” Each 275-ml can is 6% abv. It could work as a mixer for vodka or white rum.

Ste. Chapelle Raspberry Rosé Spritz

“It tastes like real wine and real raspberry,” said one taster, of this flavorful rosé offering. “It’s one of the more complex spritzers we’ve had,” said another. The delicately decorated cans from historic Idaho winery Ste. Chapelle clock in at 12% abv, which make them a great option for slow sipping.

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