Washington Wine, Part 2: Ample Room for Growth

In a follow-up to the article “Washington Wine, Part 1: Key Players on a Hot Streak,” part two focuses on the growth of wineries, specifically in Washington State, and includes a quote from our very own Andrew Browne.

“With winery revenues of roughly $1 billion and a U.S. market share of around 4%, according to the Washington State Wine Commission, the Washington wine industry has grown fast, moving from fewer than 20 wineries in 1980 to more than 850 today. In the calendar year-to-date through June 14, the category rose 10% to 1.9 million cases and 12% to $215 million in IRI channels, and key Washington players tell SND they see further growth on the horizon.

Retailers and restaurateurs are becoming more well-versed in Washington wines as the segment grows, says Andrew Browne, president and CEO of Precept Wine. “On- and off-premise accounts have bought into the category—that’s the litmus test,” he asserts. Wine buyers nationwide now demand offerings from specific Washington AVAs, adds Marty Clubb, managing winemaker and co-owner of the highly rated L’Ecole No. 41 label.”

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