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Pairing Wine and Chocolate has Never Been So Delicious!

Candy Industry MagazineBernard Pacyniak

Recent trips have -and I’m truly grateful for this – further enlightened me about wine and its wonderful connection to confections. Mind you, I’ve always been a wannabe wine aficionado. Although I’m a great enthusiast, I regret to say my knowledge level and experience isn’t quite anywhere it should be. Hence, whenever I have the opportunity to, let’s say, pump up the wine wisdom, I don’t hesitate. In late November, I had an opportunity to travel to the Piedmont area of Italy, specifically in and around Alba, Italy….My wine and chocolate experience in Italy dovetailed with a wine and confections pairing in Washington, home to Brown & Haley and Precept Wine (www.preceptwine.com). As you’ll discover in our February issue (it really is jam-packed with good stuff), the two companies, which are local icons, have co-promoted their products.

In mid-December, I was again fortunate enough to be invited to a formal wine and confections pairing involving Brown & Haley’s Roca line (Almond, Cashew, Dark and Mocha) with Precept Wine’s Waterbrook line of wines.

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