Tasting Highlights from Texas to Virginia

Idaho one of Appellation America’s features

Napa Valley Register Catherine Seda

Who knew that the bottles of wine, with labels noting Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, Idaho and more, would provoke such excitement and thought-provoking conversation? Appellation America is on a roll. The organization has long been eager to help wine lovers discover the variety of great wines that are being made around the country, and it has been holding a number of small tastings to explore just what is being produced in the U.S.

Most recently, the organization gathered a group from the Napa Valley wine trade to taste a variety of current white wines. The tasters included winemakers, sommeliers, barrel makers and journalists, but they had one thing in common in addition to wine that night: a curiosity about the diversity of American-made wines. Viognier from Virginia, pinot blanc from Michigan, gruner veltliner from Pennsylvania, roussanne from Texas, and riesling from Idaho were just some of the wines forming this collection.

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