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Washington Wine, Part 1: Key Players on a Hot Streak

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Copyright 7.13.15 M. Shanken Communications Washington state wines have made impressive progress in the U.S. market lately, with the category now accounting for more than 12.5 million cases overall. The state’s easy-drinking red blends are gaining traction, including brands like Composition ($14 a 750-ml. bottle) from E.&J. Gallo’s Columbia Winery and Pendulum ($18) from Precept …

Wine Blends are Versatile

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Copyright 2014 Poughkeepsie Journal Many wines are 100 percent of a particular varietal, but whether we know it or not, a lot of reds (and some whites) out there are blends. Some wines spell it out, others don’t. That’s not because they have something to hide, it’s just part of labeling law and custom. In …