Cheers for Merlot from Sawtooth Winery and Canoe Ridge Vineyard

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Merlot and Malbec(Part 3 of a 3-part Series)By Chuck Hill – Wines Northwest Each year when I enjoy the fall pairing of sausages, spaetzle and juicy red wines, I marvel at the delicious simplicity of the matchup. Indeed, you can create restaurant-quality fare with a few store-bought ingredients (use pasta if you don’t want to …

Wild Meadows Cab Rated Top 10 Cabs to Drink Now

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“Best Buy! Seattle-based Precept Wine developed this brand to appeal to fans of red and white wines from vineyards in Washington and Idaho, and the launch was timed to coincide with the Chinese celebration for The Year of the Horse. Hal Landvoigt’s work with six Washington vineyards — including acclaimed Wallula in the Horse Heaven …