Wild Meadows Cab Rated Top 10 Cabs to Drink Now

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“Best Buy! Seattle-based Precept Wine developed this brand to appeal to fans of red and white wines from vineyards in Washington and Idaho, and the launch was timed to coincide with the Chinese celebration for The Year of the Horse. Hal Landvoigt’s work with six Washington vineyards — including acclaimed Wallula in the Horse Heaven …

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Great Northwest Wine’s Top 100 Wines of 2013

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Who doesn’t love a Top 100 list (especially when you’re ON IT?!) Great Northwest Wine lauded two of our family wineries #49 and #50 rankings in its Top 100 Wines of 2013 list. The 2010 Glaze Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2010 Canoe Ridge Cherry Street Red Blend took respective placements for their delicious characteristics. Canoe …

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Blind tasting of Washington wines: Part 2, the reds

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Scott Greenberg, Wine Columnist, Washington, D.C. Examiner (This story is abstracted. Read the full version on the Washington Examiner) http://washingtonexaminer.com/blind-tasting-of-washington-wines-part-2-the-reds/article/2530221 Last week, while reviewing delicious white wines from the state of Washington, I pointed out that the state’s wine industry has been on a proverbial tear for the last several years. But Washington is not …