Snooth Calls Out Top Value Sauvignon Blanc

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There aren’t many wines out there where you can score a great example for around $12. Sure there is a lot of inexpensive wine, and some of it is good, but does it speak to you about varietal character? I’m not going to delve into terroir here because frankly that’s a lot to ask of a $12 wine but is it too much to ask your wine to taste like the grapes that were used to make it?

In some case yes it is. It’s simply too difficult to grow great Pinot Noir or Nebbiolo and get it in the bottle for $12 but Sauvignon Blanc on the other hand may very well still be the greatest value wine there is. Simply put the character of Sauvignon Blanc, grassy, citrussy, aromatic, focused and crisp is, for a number of reasons, easy to capture even when growers push their yields up and plant Sauvignon Blanc in less than the perfect place.

Recommended by editor Gregory Dal Paz:

2012 Waterbrook Sauvignon Blanc Columbia Valley Washington 

Very pretty and very floral on the nose with a base of lemon oil and peach topped by notes of chamomile, fennel pollen and mint. Round and rather mouth filling, this is a bit on the voluptuous side yet retains fine acidity keeping things lively and fresh. the mid-palate shows a bit of creaminess and the flavors of pineapple and kiwi are a bit subdued, gaining a nice peachy tone on the backend and through the snappy and moderately long finish. 

2012 Fish House Sauvignon Blanc Columbia Valley Washington 

Creamy on the nose with almost a hint of banana early on followed by lime, sage and slight basil stem aromas. A touch sweet on entry, this is round and fairly plush in the mouth though there is plenty of juicy acidity to keep the lime, peach and creamy apple flavors bright and mouthwatering. The finish shows a bit of lingering sweet lime flavors fairly well balanced by the acids. Easy drinking style.


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