Precept’s House Wine and Day Drinking Account for 15% of the Growth in the Off-Premise Can Wine Category & Are Among the Top Five Canned Wine Brands

Excerpted from Wine & Spirits Daily

Cans have been gaining popularity across all bev alc segments from hard seltzer in slim cans to canned wine to ready-to-drink cocktails. But how much are cans actually growing? Nielsen answered that question in its latest data set.

Cans account for a very small percentage of total dollar sales for wine and spirits. For spirits, the segment’s share of total off-premise sales are just 1.2%, but “that has nearly doubled since pre-COVID time periods,” notes Nielsen vp bev alc practice Danelle Kosmal. Indeed, within spirits cans were up 88% pre-COVID and that growth accelerated to 140% in COVID months in Nielsen-measured off-premise channels.

Not surprisingly, cans represent a much larger portion of the beer/FMB/cider category at 64% of off-premise dollars and is growing 25% in COVID weeks. Leading that growth is slim cans, which are up 107% COVID to date.

Wine is the only category where can growth has slowed in COVID weeks. Off-premise canned wine sales were up 57% COVID year to date, down from its pre-COVID growth of 71%. Even so, canned wine’s share of the overall wine category is still increasing, up from 0.8% pre-COVID to 1.1% of total category dollars during COVID.

“However, with the increase in consumer concern around health and safety, we are beginning to see restaurants expand on ideas like canned wine gardens,” says Danelle. “It will be interesting to see if this will further normalize the idea of cans and other alternative packaging for wine and even ready-to-drink cocktails.”

We were curious which brands were driving growth within the can segment. The top five canned wine brands COVID to date in Nielsen-measured off-premise channels are:

  1. E&J Gallo’s Barefoot (20% of can growth)
  2. Precept Wine’s House Wine (10% of can growth)
  3. BuzzBallz Wine Cocktails (7% of can growth)
  4. Union Wine Co.’s Underwood (5% of can growth)
  5. Precept Wine’s Day Drinking (5% of can growth)

The top canned spirits brands are:

  1. E&J Gallo’s High Noon Sun Sips (52% of can growth)
  2. Atomic Brands’ Monaco Cocktail (12% of can growth)
  3. Cutwater Cocktails (9% of can growth)
  4. Canteen Spirits (5% of can growth)
  5. Fishers Island Lemonade (3% of can growth)

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