News Release: Vote Zork Campaign 2008

The Great Closure Debate – Red Knot Lets Consumers Decide

Contact: Ally Miller, Public Relations Manager

SEATTLE, WA – 2008 marks an election year and in the spirit of democracy, the producers of Red Knot wines are giving “the people” a voice to decide if they will continue to use the ZORK closure or move to another option in future vintages. Red Knot, from McLaren Vale, Australia was the first wine brand in the world to commercially release bottles adorned with the ZORK closure. The decision to continue with the ZORK package is an extremely important one, not just for Red Knot but for the producers of ZORK as well. With the great closure debate coming to a head, Red Knot wines is asking; “To ZORK or not to ZORK?”

“We have had tremendous success maintaining the quality of Red Knot wines for the last three years using the ZORK closure while providing a distinctive point of difference from the crowded popular premium Australian category,” said Senior VP Marketing, Alex Evans. “However, we are a consumer-driven organization and we want to hear what the public has to say. The decision to continue our use of ZORK is completely up to our consumers and loyal trade partners. We feel very positive that the majority will vote ZORK, but with any election, the outcome is uncertain.”

ZORK, developed by Australian designer John Brooks, is an innovative, revolutionary wine closure that seals like a screw cap and pops like a cork. Consumers simply unwrap the colorful tear tab around the bottle neck, pull on ZORK and “pop,” out comes the closure. Worldwide there are 15 billion wines bottled each year and approximately 10% of them are spoiled by the failure of closure. ZORK removes all worry over the various negatives associated with other closures – it’s easy to use, prevents cork taint while preserving flavors, is 100% recyclable, allows wine to age and is easily re-sealable. “Red Knot is styled for immediate enjoyment full of ripe, fruit driven flavors. ZORK ensures the quality of the wine we put into the bottle and gives consumers added convenience, enhancing their overall enjoyment,” said Red Knot winemaker John Davey.

“Since launching ZORK just a couple of years ago, we now have customers all around the world who love ZORK,” said David Pahl, Vice President of Sales/Marketing for ZORK. “They know the quality of the wine will be good and the package is really convenient and fun! ZORK is easy to remove without a corkscrew, and it still pops when you remove it from the bottle. Consumers love that…right around the world.”

Red Knot wines and ZORK are partnering in a year-long promotion to spread the word for the “Vote ZORK 2008 Campaign.” The promotion will take place both in-store and via Consumers who visit to cast their vote for either ZORK or a new closure will be entered to win a trip to Australia. Complete information on the “Great Closure Debate” can also be found at The race is on…let the best closure win!

2008 also marks an exciting package evolution for Red Knot Wines, maintaining the core of their strong branding while enhancing the look with a new logo, layout and printing techniques. White Knot Chardonnay will now become Red Knot Chardonnay to provide consistency in the branding and less confusion for the consumer. The Red Knot package evolution provides a brighter, more appealing presentation having launched in February, 2008 (Red Knot Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon) and mid-spring, 2008 (Red Knot Chardonnay).

About Red Knot Wines

The Red Knot family of wines including Red Knot Shiraz, Red Knot Cabernet Sauvignon and White Knot Chardonnay brings together the best of Australia – big, bold wines that offer an incredible bang-for-the-buck. Sourced from the Davey Family Vineyard in the McLaren Vale, Red Knot wines are handcrafted by winemaker John Davey to give wine lovers what they want – awesome wine at an affordable price. Red Knot wines boast extraordinary acclaim including recommendations in Gourmet, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Wine Press Northwest and Northwest Palate. Red Knot has also been named a BEST BUY WINERY for three years in a row from Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate.

Red Knot wines are imported by Seattle-based Precept Wine Brands and sold nationally.

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