How to pair Girl Scout cookies with beer, wine and spirits

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It happens every year. Just about the time you can’t stand any more winter, trees start to bud, crocus bloom and Girl Scouts show up with cookies — a bit of sunshine in a box. If you ordered cookies in advance, you should have them soon, if you don’t already. If you didn’t order, don’t fear. Girl Scouts will start selling cookies at various stores in our area starting on Friday until March 20.

In preparation of the arrival of the cookies, we asked local alcohol experts to suggest cookie pairings. Whether you enjoy beer, wine or spirits, we have something for you. Read on for suggestions of cookie pairings with cocktails, craft spirits, wine and beer.

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Thin Mints and Cavatappi 2014 Sangiovese, Columbia Valley, $14:  This Washington-grown Italian variety lends a tartness with herb and dried fruit notes that cut the chocolate and mesh well with the cookie’s mint notes.

Samoas and Ross Andrew 2013 Glaze Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley, $15: Rich, indulgent ingredients of the Samoa (caramel, coconut and chocolate) demand a big variety such as the Glaze. Big berry notes and the wine’s fine tannins wash over the palate with a perfect complement.

Tagalongs and Canoe Ridge Expedition 2013 Merlot, Horse Heaven Hills, $15: This velvety, easy-drinking, brambly Merlot pairs beautifully with peanut buttery-cookies without overpowering.

Trefoils and Washington Hills 2014 Riesling, Washington state, $10: A no-nonsense shortbread calls for a beautiful Riesling. This off-dry sipper lends balance with lovely stone fruits, honey and mineral notes.

Do-Si-Dos and Waterbrook 2013 Founder’s Red Blend, $14: The decadence of this cookie calls for a big wine. This Bordeaux-dominant red blend layers well with its big red fruitiness and well-supported tannins that cut the fats.

Savannah Smiles and Cavatappi Pinot Grigio, Yakima Valley, $12: This clean-finishing, zesty white is full of citrus on the nose and palate, marrying well with this lemon-flavored cookie.

Toffee-Tastic and Apex Cellars 2013 Catalyst Red Blend, Columbia Valley, $15: This Syrah-prominent red blend has soft, round, foxy notes that layer perfectly with this buttery, gluten-free, toffee-chunk-laden cookie.

The following cookies are not available for sale in our area, but can be found online:
Cranberry Citrus Crisps and Primarius 2013 Pinot Noir, Oregon, $16: bright red fruit with cranberry tartness pairs perfectly with the citrus and cranberry notes in the lightly sweet cookie.

Lemonades and Waitsburg Cellars 2014 Cheninieres Chenin Blanc, Columbia Valley, $17: this crisp white wine with racy acids cleanses the palate and brings out the cookie’s citrus notes.

Rah-Rah Raisins and Waterbrook 2014 Malbec, Columbia Valley, $14: A rich cookie with a mix of textures and flavors does well with a deep, easy-drinking Malbec.

Thanks-a Lot and Browne Family 2013 Tribute Red Blend, Columbia Valley, $30: A fudgy layer and dense shortbread call for a wine with some heft; the tannins and chocolate notes in the deep red blend pair perfectly.
— Wine pairings by Hal Landvoigt, Precept Wine’s director of winemaking

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