Five Valentine’s Ideas

Chocolate Shop Wine makes Cupid’s cut

By Wendy Rose Gould | Yahoo! Contributor Network

Valentine’s doesn’t have to be an evening full of mushy gushy terms of endearment and classic black and white films. Sure, those things are nice, but a little fun never hurt anyone, either. Below are five less-than-typical product suggestions that’ll help make your Valentine’s Day a quirky, flirty day you won’t soon forget. Each gift works for both men and women.

Erox Pheremone Fragrance

Erox, a pheremone-based fragrance created by CrowdGather in partnership with Human Pheremone Sciences, can be worn by either him or her. The scent uses what the company calls a “revolutionary attraction compound called ER303.” Erox has undergone clinical studies and is proven to increase arousal, excitement, social warmth and friendliness in both sexes. It’s truly an asexual fragrance, so both men and women can benefit from this “weapon of mass seduction.” Buy it at for an easy $35.95.

Loaded Questions – Adult Version

Looking for a laugh? A steamy story? A confession romantic or even sexual in nature? I’d like to introduce you to the adult version of Loaded Questions ($25). Since it includes slightly risque questions, such as, “What TV show would you watch if it included full nudity?” and “If you were an adult film star, what would be your screen name?”, it’s best for those 18 and over. Snack on some cheese, crackers or cookies, sip on a glass of wine and get ready to laugh. And perhaps blush a little, too. You can buy this game at various game and book stores as well as online.

Cowshed’s Horny Cow Gift Set

Okay, so I’m including this in part because the name makes me giggle and is appropriate for Valentine’s Day. That’s not the only reason, though. Their “Best of Cowshed Gift Set” (~$43) is especially ideal for her, but can definitely be utilized by both parties. The set comes with two candles, bath and body oil, bath and body lotion, soap and a shower gel. The collection features ultra clean scents, perfect for either sex, and will definitely make your Valentine’s Day evening a romantic one.

Chocolate Shop Wine

Every Valentine’s Day, two things are almost always present: chocolate and red wine. Thanks to Chocolate Shop Wine, you can now combine the two. You heard right — red wine infused with scrumptious chocolate. This is truly a treat that both of you can relish together. Each of the bottles are affordably priced at $15 and taste amazing. In the past, I’ve tried chocolate wines that are far more chocolatey than I’d prefer (almost mudslide-esque), but Chocolate Shop Wines offers bottles that are more wine-based with chocolate notes. They’re sweet wines, no doubt, but not overtly so. Grab a bottle at your local Cost Plus World Market, major grocery stores or buy online at

Cookies & Corks

It’s always nice to have a little snack to accompany your adult beverages. The tricky part, though, is figuring out what marries best with your wine or champagne. I fancy products like Cookies & Corks because they make that job an easy one. Each pack, priced affordably at $7.95, includes 15 sweet and savory, bite-sized gourmet “cookies” that complement various wines. They’re packaged by flavor combinations for three types of wine, including red, white and sparkling (or champagne). For example, their Red Wine Pairing Box comes with 5 espresso chocolate peanut butter cookies, 5 white cheddar rosemary cookies and 5 shortbread cookies. You can buy at retailers across the country or online at

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