Experience pays off with 2011 Oregon Pinot

by Jon Bonne, Copyright 2013 – SFgate.com

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Chance favors the prepared mind, or so Louis Pasteur once said.

If so, then the best chance at salvation of Oregon’s 2011 vintage came from just that – and more often than not, from veteran winemakers who knew how to prepare for the latest, coldest and most drawn-out vintage in the state’s history.

It might sound familiar to those who know California vintages: 2011 as a harbinger of the long, cold and tough. But in Oregon the wait for ripeness was drawn to an extreme, with Pinot Noir often harvested into November – not to hit the bulky flavors that California hunts but simply for the grapes to mature enough to make a solid wine. The fact that it was a big crop only worsened prospects for ripeness.

Except that Oregon’s endgame in 2011 was sunny and cheery, an extended bout of picking that, despite the lateness, offered a great bounty. The rain that is so often Oregon’s bugaboo never made itself troublesome – very different from this year, when our thoroughly soaked friends up north are waiting for things to dry out.

Patience, and the prepared mind, scored a big win in 2011. So did those of us who enjoy these wines.

The 2011s in Oregon are a particularly charming lot. They have an energy and litheness that mark the best classic vintages in Oregon and Burgundy – or for that matter among more diligent winemakers in California that year….


2011 Primarius Oregon Pinot Noir ($15, 12%): New Zealand native Haydn Mouat devised a value-priced bottle that gives hope for affordable Oregon Pinot, a category that tumbled down a scree in recent years. Pretty, delicate, slightly stemmy red fruit, with black pepper, dried pine needle and straightforward cranberry. Terrific table wine.

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