Affordable Drinking in Eastern Washington Gets Better

Sunset wine editor Sara Schneider shows her love and admiration for Washington wine by visiting Waterbrook and Canoe Ridge wineries, who are able to find that middle space of putting ever-more bang for your buck in their bottles. 

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Here are some of Schneider’s well-priced faves: 

Canoe Ridge 2012 “The Expedition” Pinot Gris (Horse Heaven Hills; $14). A bushel of apples layered with fuzzy peach, pretty florals, and vibrant lemon.

Canoe Ridge 2012 “The Expedition” Merlot (Horse Heaven Hills; $15). A lively, fresh Merlot from a cool year with a little spice spiking its dark cherry fruit.

Waterbrook 2010 Reserve Merlot (Columbia Valley; $20). A swirl of violets leads to intense cherry dusted with cocoa and damp earth.

Waterbrook Estate VineyardCanoe Ridgeimg_1471-e1372261571687

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