• James Colvin, Assistant Winemaker

    In 2011 James Colvin started out in the wine industry as Canoe Ridge Vineyard’s temporary harvest hand.  He worked his way to a full-time cellar position, then wine lead, then into the chemistry lab – including running complex pathology panels, and in 2014 he was promoted to assistant winemaker. He works as the right hand for Winemaker Bill Murray and leads daily management of the winery and crew (work orders, tasting, tours, etc.) but he’s still involved in the lab and cellar when needed.

    With college coursework related to winemaking, and his microbiology training at ETS headquarters in Calif., James has enjoyed mostly hands-on learning at the winery. “The greatest potential I have seen since my start here is our winery’s ability to grow. With Precept Wine supporting Canoe Ridge Vineyard we have achieved numbers that would have never been considered in the past and we continue to flourish,” Colvin said. “Our greatest strength here is our team, from the cellar to the lab, our team is very dedicated and always up for any task or job they get. We would not be able to grow like we do without everyone on board. “

    Ask James for his favorite Canoe Ridge Vineyard wine and he’ll tell you it’s the Cabernet Sauvignon based on his preference for dry reds, however the tasting room exclusives (Tempranillo, Syrah, Malbec) he also finds outstanding.

    Off the clock he enjoys spending time with his son.  “He keeps me active and gets most of my time,” he said. “Growing up I loved to play sports and now he is at the age where he can participate in organized sports as well and boy does he; year round we always have something going on, from baseball in the spring to football in the summer, and basketball in the winter we stay plenty busy.” On rare moments alone, he enjoys spending time outdoors: camping, fishing, hiking or mountain biking.